Peace & Harmony

Celestite aka Celestine Crystal Geode from Madagascar--best in the world!

Crown, Third-Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras

“The Heavenly Crystal”

Celestite geodes from Northwestern Madagascar are known to have the highest quality in the world. Blue Celestine/Celestite pieces are rare, only found in Madagascar and Yale, UK. Although Celestine minerals are found worldwide only small quantities are discovered.

Our specimens like the majority of Celestine minerals were found in dolomitic limestone where low temperature hydrothermal precipitate formed these beautiful crystal geodes.

Commercial mining for this mineral has been driven by pyrotechnic equipment, fireworks and glass manufacturing due to strontium- an Earth metal. It helps flames burn red hot, making for a fantastic firework display!

For meditation and metaphysical uses, Celestite brings tranquility and calm, engulfing the surrounding space in resounding peace. It provides higher connection and “Heavenly Communication”. Known as the guardian angel crystal, it protects us while assisting against our own fears, anxiety and stresses. The Divine guidance promote creativity and pursuit of vision.

Did you know the World’s Largest Geode is a Celestine (Celestite) crystal? 35 feet in diameter, it is known as the “Crystal Cave” and was found beneath a winery in Put-in-Bay, Ohio in 1897!

Mohs Scale: 3-3.5- brittle, soft!

Colors: white, blue, yellow, orange, green

(Keep out of the sun.)


Crystals have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years by all cultures. The effects of crystals & minerals are well documented and the science supporting these claims is ever-evolving. However, they are not a substitute for illness and disease treatment so please seek medical/mental advice from a qualified medical professional.