Citrine Crystal Quartz Geode Heart from Brazil

Activates the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root Chakras

The "Health, Wealth & Happiness Crystal", Citrine is our absolute favorite! It deserves special mention as it is one of only two crystals to NEVER collect negative energy, it is very efficient in cleansing other stones and clearing spaces. As the furthest progression of Amethyst, Citrine magnifies the properties of the quartz opening our Crown Chakras. Amethyst, which is known to as the "Success Stone", when exposed to extreme heat and pressure over time it turns to Citrine which is referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone”. Citrine is thus more effective in not only gaining wealth and intellect but maintaining it.

Citrine is known to harness the power of the Sun, invigorating life, opening our Sacral Chakra or “life-force” to receive and recycle its energy. This is also where we nurture our spousal connections and promote the symbiosis necessary for a happy life. Citrine, like most quartz is a loving stone, most helpful in repairing familial connections and providing healthy relationships when activating the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Take your crystal game up a notch and keep it there with Citrine--an essential piece to any mineral collection!


Crystals have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years by all cultures. The effects of crystals & minerals are well documented and the science supporting these claims is ever-evolving. However, they are not a substitute for illness and disease treatment so please seek medical/mental advice from a qualified medical professional.