Activates the Crown, Third-Eye, Throat & Heart Chakras


The “Stone of Transformation”, Labradorite prepares the soul for ascension to the astral plane. Aligning the physical and etheric bodies, raising consciousness and esoteric knowledge, this beautiful stone captures not only the heart but the soul. A crystallized feldspar variety which is known to protect the health of the Aura, labradorite makes the typical and most abundant mineral on Earth uniquely spectacular! 

Activation of the Third-Eye increases intuition to help rid of illusion, fear and disappointment. It guides and protects through times of change with perseverance and confidence. Labradorite promotes introspection and rationality by combining intellect, instinct and imagination. It calms overactive minds, removing stress and protecting from negative intents. Labradorite aids in emotional resolutions of suppressed memories. With the assistance of Moon Energy it shows glimpses into the mystery of time--when to act and when to remain. With the assistance of Sun Energy it reveals the “self”, the purpose and the path to vitality. As the “Bringer of Light” labradorite has its own term for luminescence—labradorescence. It blesses with its love, connecting all and satisfying the desire to just “BE”.


Activates the “Rainbow Body” 

The Rainbow Body refers to the second level of enlightenment. Those who reach this realization can transcend the physical realm, self-liberating their light or ”Saṃbhogakāya” to travel wherever, whenever to their content. The third-person experience of this is called the “Rainbow Phenomenon”.

From Madagascar.


Crystals have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years by all cultures. The effects of crystals & minerals are well documented and the science supporting these claims is ever-evolving. However, they are not a substitute for illness and disease treatment so please seek medical/mental advice from a qualified medical professional.