Tiger's Eye

Activates the Third-Eye, Solar Plexus & Root Chakras

An “Earthy” Stone, Tiger’s Eye is the result of quartz replacing asbestos fibers creating an incredible natural chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect). It blends energies of the Sun and the Earth to create stability and bring calm to the environment. For those seeking clarity, it provides structure and insight. While known to increase and maintain wealth, it helps us to appreciate and enjoy freedom above all. With the knowledge that living practically and happily within our means, while only providing for our needs and the needs of others, is all that is required to achieve peace. Pride and conflict can be overcome with its humble nature, assisting the realization of our connection to all living things.  When psychic activity is enhanced during mediation, Tiger’s Eye balances the yin-yang energies cultivating awareness into perception, finding peace during turmoil.

From Arizona.


Crystals have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years by all cultures. The effects of crystals & minerals are well documented and the science supporting these claims is ever-evolving. However, they are not a substitute for illness and disease treatment so please seek medical/mental advice from a qualified medical professional.